We present below an excerpt of the multidisciplinary projects our team has worked on.

Avionics & Mission Control

We have collaborated with a small satellite launcher vehicle client to design and develop both the avionics and mission control for engine control and data logging for static test fire tests.

Our team leveraged their expertise in embedded systems and electronics engineering to design and develop a solution that met the client's requirements and performed flawlessly during testing. The avionics system enabled the client to monitor critical engine parameters in real-time and collect data for analysis, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their test procedures.

With our avionics solution, our client was able to achieve their testing objectives and advance their mission to revolutionize the space industry.

Ground Station

Astrobit Technologies provided team augmentation services to a leading operator in the microsatellite space to help them develop ground station control software.

Our team of experts worked closely with the client's development team to understand their requirements and provided support and expertise to accelerate the project's progress.

By leveraging our team augmentation services, our client was able to continue delivering to their clients without incurring in the economical and time challenges associated with hiring and training an internal development team.

Earth Observation - Imagery Integration

Astrobit Technologies collaborated with a client who specializes in the development of satellites for earth observation, with a focus on precision agriculture and food security.

Our team was responsible for integrating and processing Earth Observation (EO) Imagery from both NASA and ESA Satellites, enabling data fusion, and performing computer vision to extract meaningful insights.

By leveraging our expertise in computer vision, we were able to analyze and interpret the satellite imagery to provide valuable information to our client.